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Promoting a business community
with economic initiatives

Mount Pleasant Business
Improvement Area

#205 - 175 East Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5T 1W2
Tel: 604-874-9816
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Our mission is: to undertake activities involving promotion, business recruitment and general maintenance of the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area with the object of improving its economic viability and general image, and to promote common concerns and interests of business and property owners in the area.

Services Provided by Our Office:

  • Economic Development
  • Street Enhancement
  • Business Member Directory
  • Business Member Support & Profile

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Mount Pleasant:
Vancouver’s Original UpTown

Most of the impressive structures which give Mount Pleasant its character and historic charm date from a period of commercial and industrial prosperity experienced between 1897 and 1915.
The Main Street bridge over False Creek, the introduction of the Fairview streetcar service in 1891, and the original trail linking Vancouver to New Westminster along what is now Kingsway, were considered the primary catalists for growth. By 1888, when the area was named “Mount Pleasant”, it was already Vancouver’s largest suburb.
The economic growth of the early 1900’s accelerated the expansion of industry from False Creek into Mount Pleasant’s residential area.
Over the past decade, there have been many efforts to preserve this community’s heritage. Numerous homes along West Tenth Avenue and adjacent streets have been restored through the initiatives of private owners. Public funds from the heritage Area Revitalization Program have helped to restore local landmarks, such as Lee Building and Heritage Hall. As a result, the historic character of the residential and commercial areas has been enhanced, while promoting economically viable developments.
Mount Pleasant’s heritage character has survived over the years because the focus of recent development activity has occurred west of Cambie Street. Mount Pleasant has become the location of choice for Vancouver’s artistic community, and is home to many social and community organizations.

Historical photographs of the UpTown area

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